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More than half of the 48 million motor vehicles registered in Germany have bumps and dents that can be easily and profitably eliminated with the paintless dent removal technique. By removing dents as an additional service, you increase the customer loyalty and get new customers into your company.


Paintless dent removal technique

The paintless dent removal (PDR), has long been prevailed as a recognized repair method. This recognised repair technique can be used in paint shops and vehicle repair shops to remove parking damage, chestnut or hail damage and during preparation work for painting etc. resulting in quick and economic repairs.

With customized lever sets, PDR training courses and selected accessories and the gluing technology, we offer beginners such as dent remove professionals an absolute complete offer.

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Advantages and technology

PDR trainings

Now you can successfully enter the growth market of “Paintles Dent Removal” with an PDR basic training. You can find the training schedule with theoretical and practical part, costs and current dates here:


What does PDR get you?

Increase now the utilization rate of your workshop personnel by the targeted, ACTIVE marketing of your service.

Particularly in today’s difficult situation, paintless dent removal is an optimal instrument for sustainably improving customer loyalty and new customer acquisition.

In addition, PDR is a proven tool to bring owners of segment II and III cars into the workshop and increase customer loyalty.

Made in Germany!

CARBON dent levers are, of course, “Made in Germany” and are manufactured exclusively at the tool specialist Carl Walter. We offer dent tools for every application and well thought-out accessories.

» Paintless Dent Removal. Get in now.

Naturally, we are continually developing our products for paintless dent removal in cooperation with professional “pushers”.

Limits of technology

One thing is certain. For professional “dent pushing” it needs after a training also a lot of exercise and experience.
But the limits of feasibility are fluid.

Our trainers have already pressed “bumps” which brings sweat in the face of every body repairman. If the paint is damaged, pressing is still ideal for painting preparation.

Tool Sets


Item-ID CBS-001

with Boom Light

Item ID CBS-002

with Dent Removal Lamp

The Beginner-Set contains 25 dent levers plus basic accessory set.

The PDR Basic-Set with Boom Light is approved by VW in the Volkswagen Clever Repair program under the VAS number 6334. (Order-No. ASE 435 111 00 000)


Item ID CPS-005

with Boom Light

Item ID CPS-006

with Dent Removal Lamp

This set for the ambitious user contains 40 dent levers, basic accessory set incl. swivel stool.

The PDR Professional-Set with Boom Light is approved by VW in the Volkswagen Clever Repair program under the VAS number 6333. (Order-No. ASE 435 109 00 000)


Item ID CXL-006

with Boom Light

Item ID CXL-007

with Dent Removal Lamp

The basic accessory set with 61 buckle levers plus CZ-130 swivel stool leaves nothing to be desired for the dent remove pro.

The PDR XL-Professional-Set with Boom Light is approved by VW in the Volkswagen Clever Repair program under the VAS number 6332. (Order-No. ASE 435 108 00 000)