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made by miracle europeOur brand new CBR is made from pure CARBON and CFRP [carbon fibre reinforced plastic] components. The incredible lightweight yet exremely strong tools with unsurpassed ergonomics enable panel beaters to achieve more and better repairs in shorter time. The CBR has been designed and developed by CARBON GmbH in Germany, the leading experts in panel repair with more than 4.500 customers all over the world. It is the result of more than 20 years experience in body panel repair and the constant exchange with car dealerships, body & paint shops and automotive manufacturers.

Repair don´t replace
completely redefined

It has never been easier to achieve perfect, quality repairs and to make more profit than with this professional set of perfectly designed tools and accessories. Our vision has become reality: The new CBR is the ultimate workstation for the repair of modern car bodies made from steel and aluminium.

carbon cbr 1893 2 web
LineTool 160
Additional tensile units for LineTool 100 and 160
LineTool 100
Supports for EasyTool
Flexible extension for StrongTool and LineTool

The complete workstation
for steel and aluminum

The extremely low weight of the CBR pulling components considerably reduces the effort required for everyday straightening work. A panel beater can easily work alone with the Strong- or Line-Tool. Compared to other systems, the application of the pulling tools – especially when working overhead – is radically easier and absolutely fatigue-free. The newly developed pulling components and extensive accessories give the repairer considerably more flexibility in the repair process, whether on passenger cars, SUVs or commercial vehicles.

carbon cbr 1893 2 web
CBR system: Perfect repair of a Porsche side panel

Extrem flexible

Due to the low weight, work can also be carried out over a width of 1.6 meters without any problems. The flexible feet adapt perfectly to the shape of the sill.

The Line-Tool 100 with one meter length supplemented by two pulling units, flexibly applicable by the new quick attachment.

The Line Tool 160 with two additional pulling units and the Strong Tool.

The new CBR system in action


for the new Carbon CBR-System
Suitable for everyone

No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced user – you never stop learning and there is no way around fundamental knowledge in the bodywork industry. We provide theoretical and practical training to use the system profitably and efficiently.

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Der CBR-System Rundgang

CBR Komponenten

CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ST-00

Einzelfuß für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-30

Doppelfuß für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-60

Verlängerung für CBR StrongTool
Artikel-Nr. ST-80

CBR EasyTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ET-00

Füße für CBR EasyTool

CBR LineTool 160
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-00

Einzelfuß für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. LT-30

Doppelfuß für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. LT-60


CBR LineTool 100
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-100

Zweite Zugeinheit für CBR LineTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LT-200

CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. CBR-LV-00

Einzelfuß für CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. LV-30

Doppelfuß für CBR LeverTool
Artikel-Nr. LV-60

CBR Zughämmer
Artikel-Nr. CBR-ZH-01 | CBR-ZH-02

CBR Ausbeulhämmer
Artikel-Nr. H01-HG| H03-H | H03-V

CBR Massekabel mit Klemme
Artikel-Nr. C1-02

MultiTool Manuell
Artikel-Nr. C1-06

MultiTool Einzug
Artikel-Nr. C1-17

CBR Klebetechnik-Set
Artikel-Nr. MKS-100

CBR GlueTech+
Artikel-Nr. MGT-400

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The CBR-System Tour

CBR Components

CBR Strong-Tool Item-ID: CBR-ST-00

Single foot for CBR Strong-Tool Item-ID: ST-30

Double foot for CBR Strong-Tool Item-ID: ST-60

Extension for CBR Strong-Tool Item-ID: ST-80

CBR EasyTool Item-ID: CBR-ET-00

Feet for CBR EasyTool

CBR LineTool 160 Item-ID: CBR-LT-00

Single foot for CBR LineTool Item-ID: LT-30

Double foot for CBR LineTool Item-ID: LT-60

CBR LineTool 100 Item-ID: CBR-LT-100

Second Pull-Unit for CBR LineTool Item-ID: CBR-LT-200

CBR LeverTool Item-ID: CBR-LV-00

Single foot for CBR LeverTool Item-ID LV-30

Double foot for CBR LeverTool Item-ID: LV-60

CBR Pull-Hammers Item-ID CBR-ZH-01 | CBR-ZH-02

CBR Hammers Item-ID: H01-HG| H03-H | H03-V

CBR Earth Clamp Item-ID: CBR-MK-00a

Handle with button Item-ID: CBR-C1-10

Handle without button Item-ID: CBR-C1-14

CBR Gluing-Technology Set Item-ID: MKS-100

CBR GlueTech+ Item-ID: MGT-400

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