PDR Gluing Technology

Gluing technology for Paintless Dent Repair

Quickly and easily remove dents

With the gluing technology, dents can often be removed more quickly and easily than it´s possible with conventional tools. The great advantages of this technology are particularly evident in places that are difficult or impossible to access, e.g. in the roof and side wall area. Time-consuming dismantling work is usually completely eliminated.

Thus the dent removal with the CARBON gluing technique works

Clean the damaged area with the CARBON special cleaner. This is the only way that the tension bolt can adhere optimally to the paint without damaging it when it is removed.

High-viscosity special adhesive is applied to the tension bolt using the Gluematic hot glue gun. Depending on the size and type of dent, use one of the five different bolt types.

The tension bolt is aligned over the center of the dent and pressed on. The tension bolts are reusable.

After cooling down, the draw bolt is pulled off the dent with a jerky pull hammer. Depending on the condition of the material and the dents, the process is repeated one or more times.

Any residual stresses in the material are released using Teflon impact tools.

Place of damage






CKS-300 Gluing-Kit

CKS-300 adhesive kit for paint damage-free dent removal technology

Scope of delivery

Article no. Description Quantity
CKS-304 Suitcase 1x
CKS-301 Draw hammer 1x
CKS-307 CARBON special adhesive, silver (250 g) 3x
CKS-302 Cleaner (250 ml) 2x
CKS-303 Gluematic glue gun 1x
CZ-112 Teflon impact tool 1x
CZ-105 Hammer (200 g) 1x
CKS-309 Tension bolt set, 5 different Sizes, blue / medium 1x
CKS-310 Tension bolt set, 5 different Sizes, black / hard 1x
CKS-311 Tension bolt set, 5 different Sizes, silver / soft 1x
CKS-10200 Adhesive tab set, 6 different Sizes, blue 1x

All items are also available individually.

Tension bolt for reordering

Scope of delivery

Artikel-Nr. Beschreibung
CKS-309 Zugbolzen; 5 verschiedene Größen; blau / mittel
CKS-310 Zugbolzen; 5 verschiedene Größen; schwarz / hart
CKS-311 Zugbolzen; 5 verschiedene Größen; silber / weich
CKS-312-a / b / c Zugbolzen Gr. 1; Ø 15 mm
CKS-313-a / b / c Zugbolzen Gr. 2; Ø 20 mm
CKS-314-a / b / c Zugbolzen Gr. 3; Ø 25 mm
CKS-315-a / b / c Zugbolzen Gr. 4; Ø 30 mm
CKS-316-a / b / c Zugbolzen Gr. 5; oval

All items are also available individually.

Gluing pads

Scope of delivery

Article no. Description
CKS-10200 Adhesive tab set, 6 different sizes, blue
CKS-10258 Adhesive tab Gr. 1, Ø 10 mm
CKS-10259 Adhesive tab Gr. 2, Ø 13 mm
CKS-10260 Adhesive tab Gr. 3, Ø 16 mm
CKS-10261 Adhesive tab Gr. 4, Ø 22 mm
CKS-10262 Adhesive tab Gr. 5, 16 x 32 mm
CKS-10263 Adhesive tab Gr. 6, 19 x 41 mm

Scope of delivery


CXL-006 / VAS 6332 with Boom Light

CXL-007 with Dent Removal Lamp

61 Lever

Artikel‑Nr. Bezeichnung Farbe Beschreibung
CBL‑01‑0225‑05 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑02‑0290‑06 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑03‑0320‑05 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑04‑0390‑05 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑05‑0415‑06 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑06‑0590‑08 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑07‑0590‑08 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑08‑0415‑06 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑09‑0390‑05 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑10‑0320‑05 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑11‑0290‑06 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑12‑0225‑05 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑13‑0155‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑14‑0285‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑15‑0230‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑16‑0345‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑17‑0400‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff rechts
CBL‑18‑0400‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑19‑0345‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑20‑0230‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑21‑0285‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑22‑0155‑03 Blade‑Tool blau Griff links
CBL‑23‑0185‑05 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑24‑0112‑05 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑25‑0200‑05 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑26‑1130‑05 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑27‑1000‑05 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑28‑0835‑05 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑29‑0600‑05 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑30‑0480‑05 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑31‑0830‑06 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑32‑1235‑11 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑33‑0850‑11 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CBL‑34‑0685‑10 Blade‑Tool blau getaucht
CCU‑35‑0480‑08 Cutter‑Tool schwarz Griff rechts
CCU‑36‑0760‑08 Cutter‑Tool schwarz Griff rechts
CCU‑37‑0600‑08 Cutter‑Tool schwarz Griff
CCU‑38‑0500‑06 Cutter‑Tool schwarz Griff
CCU‑39‑0700‑08 Cutter‑Tool schwarz Griff
CCU‑40‑0760‑08 Cutter‑Tool schwarz Griff links
CCU‑41‑0480‑08 Cutter‑Tool schwarz Griff links
CBA‑42‑1200‑11 Ball‑Tool grün getaucht
CBA‑43‑0830‑11 Ball‑Tool grün getaucht
CBA‑44‑0685‑10 Ball‑Tool grün getaucht
CBA‑45‑0675‑10 Ball‑Tool grün getaucht
CBA‑46‑0430‑10 Ball‑Tool grün getaucht
CBA‑47‑0190‑06 Ball‑Tool grün Griff rechts
CBA‑48‑0490‑06 Ball‑Tool grün Griff rechts
CBA‑49‑0490‑06 Ball‑Tool grün