PDR Special Lever

Special Lever for Paintless Dent Repair

Special Lever

Nr. Artikel-Nr. Beschreibung
1 CCU-Z71-0400-08
2 CCU-Z70-0700-10
3 CSH-65-0150-80
4 CSH-62-0360-08
5 CSH-63-0530-08
6 CBLS-80-0370-05 Blade-Tool blau
7 CBLS-81-0370-05 Blade-Tool blau
4) Shape of the tip
5) Shape of the tip
7) Shape of the tip

Special Lever

Nr. Artikel-Nr. Beschreibung
8 CWT-68-1150-13 Wechsel-Tool mit 2 abschraubbaren Kunststoffspitzen
Shape of the tip

Pursuit Lever

Special Model with various Lengths and Strengths
Nr. Artikel-Nr.
1 SHS-01-0510-20
2 SHB-02-0600-30
3 SHS-03-0600-20
4 SHB-04-0395-30
5 SHS-05-0250-20
6 SHS-06-0217-20
Shape of the Tip

Composition of order number

Example: CBL-13-0155-03
CBL 13 0155 03
CARBON Blade Tool Tool No. 13 Length155 mm Ø 3 mm

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