VAS Workshop equipment


Carbon Gluing Technology

VAS 6321/1

The adhesive technique is the ideal complement to the new AluRepair Visar. Round deformations without body edges are drawn much flatter due to the large-area connection of the adhesive pads to the sheet metal.

ASE 435 112 00 000

carbon cbr

VAS 6321

Since 2006, the Miracle System has been approved by Volkswagen for professional car body skin repairs. The VAS 6321 is recommended for the qualification as a Volkswagen accident specialist.

ASE 435 107 00 000

alurepair visar

VAS 852 001

AluRepair plus is the powerful solution for high quality aluminum repairs. Aluminum bits, Threaded bolts made of steel and aluminum, ground studs and stainless steel bolts for pulling punch rivets can be welded process-safe.

ASE 852 001 80 000

Paintless dent Removal


VAS 6334

The perfect introduction to paint-damage-free dent removal with 25 levers and 35 accessories

ASE 435 111 00 000


VAS 6333

Professional dent removal set with 40 levers and 36 accessories

ASE 435 109 00 000

XL Professional Kit

VAS 6332

Comprehensive set for paint damage-free dent removal with 61 dent removal tools and 36 accessories

ASE 435 108 00 000

PDR Gluing Technology

VAS 6364

Gluing technology for Paintless Dent Repair

ASE 435 170 00 000

Dents mirror

VAS 842 023

CZ-170 Dents mirror, foldable, Ø 100 cm

ASE 842 023 80 000

Paintless dent removal

Plastic repair kit

VAS 6601

The plastic repair kit VAS 6601 is optimally suited for the repair of cracks, fractures and deep scratches in plastic parts, such as impact-catches, claddings and other attachments.

ASE 435 142 00 000

Storage rack, universal

VAS 6647

Multifunctional, flexibly adjustable scissor block for horizontal storage and processing of body parts. The body parts are effectively protected from damage and scratches by the foam inserts.

ASE 434 044 00 000

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