State-of-the-art car body joining technology

carmig 2000 detail
MIG brazing – MAG steel welding – MIG aluminum welding – the best solution for every task!

The development of new materials is progressing more and more rapidly. The flood of materials results in the vehicle industry, among other things, from the goal of reducing fuel consumption. This can largely only be achieved with weight reduction. Further points are the safety, aerodynamics and stiffness, which require the use of new materials.

The car workshop staff is being overtaken and even partially overextended by these new developments. Often someone is not aware of the consequences of wrong handling with certain materials. The flow of information between the car manufacturer and the repairman, which is known to have many shortcomings, plays a very important role. The consequences are incorrect repairs, rework and recourse claims.

Carbon GmbH provides you with the complete technology – welding and MIG brazing – for the professional repair of modern vehicle bodies made of coated high-strength steel plate, deep-drawing steel sheet and aluminum sheet. With duo, triple and quattro equipment you achieve the most effective use in your workshop. We will be happy to advise you.